Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

About Search Engine Optimization

What can WebWorks do for my SEO? A lot, it’s one of the things we are best at. When the web got started up in the early 1990’s there were two big factors that made a site popular:  1) The quility of the content, and 2) The number of sites that link to it. Those were the two big ones.

Over the years search engines have become gigantically more sophisticated. According many of our industry’s experts, Google is currently using 157 distinct data metrics. These include social media linking, titles of pictures, number of views on a per page basis, quality of published text, keyword density, geographic factors and scores more.

However, there are some metrics that are clearly in the top ten and those are the ones we focus on. Some of these items are intuitive. For instance a key phase such as “Galveston Web Designers.”


What We Offer 

All of our websites include:

  • 900 words for the home page.
  • Text syntax optimization.
  • Optimized page headings.
  • Keywords in image titles.
  • Google Maps integration.
  • Social media integration.

SEO extras:

  • Paid Ads: Google Adwords is often the most effictive choice for getting quick and target hits on your website. This is pay-per-click-advertising. You only pay for people that click through to your website from the ad. You can set a daily and monthly budget. Cancel at any time.
  • Blog: The blog for your website can be anything: Tips and tricks, frequently asked question, wild life in Galveston, where to fish in Galveston, best restaruants in Glaveston, etc. Publishing a blog post once a week will make a huge difference and it can be done in 15 minutes. WebWorks can teach you (quickly!) how to run your own blog. Search engines give high rank to sites with regular updates. You only need 300 words (probably nobody but Google will ever read it) and one image.
  • Social media can be another action item. If you have a personal FB account you can simply set up a business page. One way to link these to good SEO affect is to publish a blog on your website and then post links to these articles on your FB page. Likewise with other platforms.

Many, many other options.

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