Additional Services

  • Troubleshooting Website Issues:
    • Is your website offline?  Call now!  409-276-7222.
    • Is your eCommerce problematic?
    • Do you have malware that is posting Viagra adverts?
    • Are updates breaking parts of your website?
    • Do elements not look right?
    • Is your mobile version a mess?
    • Any problems at all!
  • SEO Optimization:
    • Search Engine Optimization is one of our most frequently requested services.  We have many plans to choose from.
    • AdWords are pay-per-click ads.  AdWords is super complicated, so you’ll want us to set up and possibly monitor your ad campaigns
    • Blogs are a great way to boost your search rankings with hardly any money at all.  Once your blog is configured, you can post to the blog via email.  This process will allow one image to be included and this is automatically sized so that everything looks neat and tidy.  Check out the blog on www.GalvestonCleaners.com.  They have a tips and tricks blog at https://www.galvestoncleaners.com/cleaning-tips-and-tricks/
    • We can take your existing website and greatly improve your search rankings
    • We can install Google Analytics so you can see how visitors interact with your site
  • Social Media:
    • Configure and “skin” Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.
    • Social media posts and content including videos
    • Ads
    • Performance metrics
  • Copy Writing
  • Photography/Videography
  • HD Video Editing
  • Photoshop Enhancements
  • eCommerce Setups
  • Streaming Video Without YouTube Branding
  • PDF integration
  • Reservation Systems
  • Membership Signups
  • Paywalls For Content
  • Just About Anything You’ve Seen On The Web

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