WIX Migration

We Can Help You Leave

WIX migrations are very straightforward for us and we’ve done it for several clients. Why? The WIX television commercials are very misleading. Same thing for Divi Builder which we use on every project. DIVI Builder plugs into WordPress which is used by 30% of the websites on planet Earth.

In any case, WIX is not simple to use and they have terrible reviews on the web. There are many, many functions to learn if you want to create a site that looks as nice as the ones that WIX displays on their commercials. We took a hard look at WIX in the fall of 2017 and found that it was a pain in the ass to use. We did then what we do now–copy the text and images and paste them into Divi Builder.

If you want to get search hits for your site, that’s super limited and time consuming in WIX. On the other hand, there are thousands and thousands of WordPress plugins that offer all sorts of features and tools to your site. For instance, WordPress allows you to have (here is just a few):

  • Facebook Feed Plugin that brings in your FB page so people can see it on your site directly. You don’t want visitors leaving your site for FB because they might get distracted and not get back to your site.
  • Ecommerce stores like Woocommerce. There’s a free version of this that’s very good.
  • Security plugins like WordFence.
  • Specialized contact forms with either the free or pro version of WP Forms. Really excellent and allows you to display the Google Recaptcha. This get rid of the bots sending you junk forms.
  • SEO plugins like Yoast. Yup! Rhymes with Toast.
  • Integration with email marketing firms like Constant Contact or MailChimp.
  • Google Analytics to see what content your visitors are looking at, how long the stay on a page, and the keyword(s) that landed them on your page.
  • Animated graphics and images.
  • Those little breadcrumbs that help you navigate the site.
  • Embedded PDF files that the search robots can scan.

If your WIX site is fairly simple, we can move it to Divi Builder for the $649.

Thanks for reading!