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Frequently Asked Questions

How Fast Can WebWorks Build A New Website?

A basic website generally takes 3-4 days for us to build if we are provided the exact text and images required. Complex sites might take 2-6 weeks. Generally, the most important factor in getting a site completed is how quickly a customer gives us the content and approvals.

What Does WebWorks Offer For Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

We offer a full range of SEO services, from $50 a month to $1,000 a month. All of our websites have basic SEO included. At a minimum we do custom SEO for your homepage and all of your images. We put together your text with an SEO friendly syntax. In other words, it reallly matters how your text is formatted and the keywords sprinkled about it the proper manner. Click for more SEO information.

How Much Will My Website Cost?

There are many factors to consider but we can create an entry level site for $649. However, our basic website designs are all custom designed just for you and we promise you that ALL of our websites are cool!

Basics Of Purchasing Domain Names

Our policy is that our clients purchase their own domains. Unlike APlus and WIX, with WebWorks you can move to another web hosting company in one simple step. As we send you the regular backups, you can always find a web developer that can upload the backups. This takes us about five minutes. No exagerations!

What Are The Main Differences Between The WebWork's Pricing Plans?

For the $649 package you get basic SEO as described in Click for more SEO information. Take a look atour pricing page  to see all three packages. You get basic, moderate or heavy SEO and we can build you a custom plan to suit your needs and budget.

Can WebWorks Move Me From WIX?

Absolutely!  We've looked at the backend of a couple of WIX websites. The design controls and modules have a steep learning curve for non-webdesigner folks like you. No way that you can build a nice website in a couple of evenings. With a WIX conversion we simply cut and paste your WIX website into a WordPress website with the Divi Builder theme. This not only gives you a professional look but, unlike WIX, we do sophisticated SEO on all of our sites. We give you a flat fee! Read our article about WIX

Does WebWorks Provide Site Security?

Yes, we put the free version of WordFence on all of our sites. ALL sites get hacking attacks from various countries around the world. It's vital that the backend of your website isn't hacked. For instance, we never use a login name like admin, Admin, test, developer etc. Likewise we'll give you one of those long scrambled passwords or help you create a one that is both secure and memorable. For instance, "PianoFoodBlue99!" is just as strong as the long scrambled ones. Those three words that are unrelated coupled with a number and a special character are the way to go according to the experts.

Does WebWorks Provide Hosting?

Yes we provide hosting and it's free for 90 days or a year depending on what package you purpchase. Website design is only part of what we do. We also provide sophisitcated SEO, social media integration, videos, animations, logo design and printing of all types. Our $50 a month plan includes hosting, software updates, backup verification, email changes, and any small changes you want to make. We'll even put up occasional posts and pages. Plus, we offer free phone support.

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